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Is Your Brand In The Hands Of Aunt Alice’s Nephew? I often come across business owners who tell me that they have a Facebook and Twitter page; however, it is not doing anything for them. They are not sure who made it or where the login information is, but they know they have a Facebook page somewhere. Sound familiar?

Imagine if we said the same thing about other aspects of our business. “I have a menu for my restaurant... I don’t know who made it or where it went, but we have one!” Or even worse, “I have an ad running for the restaurant somewhere... I'm not sure what it says these days, but I know our hostess made an ad a few months ago."

If I took a sip of fall-themed spiked apple cider for every time that I heard that the host or hostess up front “runs the Facebook page,” then the rest of this article would be incoherent.

Facebook for restaurants

If you hired Aunt Alice’s Nephew to work as a host in your restaurant a few days ago and now he, by default, is running your social media marketing accounts for your restaurant, then you are probably missing a giant opportunity.

Right now, because the social media marketing advertising tools available to restaurants and business owners of all kinds are so new, you can put a well-designed, highly-targeted message in front of between 1200-2000 potential customers for as little as $5 paid to Facebook for the ad placement.

None of that matters at all without understanding how to properly put together a well thought out, cohesive, social media marketing plan that will help increase new business, retain existing customers and give your business a voice within the conversation that customers are already having about your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Yelp.

Recently, I had the opportunity to revive the online presence for The Thirsty Scholar Pub in Somerville, Massachusetts. When I was first introduced to The Thirsty Scholar, they had a website that was not mobile-ready, a Facebook page managed by three different staff members whenever they could make time to login and (even though customers were discussing their business on Instagram and Twitter -all saying great things about this classic Irish pub) they did not have accounts on either platform to respond, interact with or build a relationship with their existing satisfied customers or their new customers.

Over the next few months, I will take you on a journey as I transform the online presence for The Thirsty Scholar Pub (which was, coincidentally, the bar featured in the opening scene of The Social Network, a 2010 movie about rise the of Facebook). We will use examples and case studies from The Thirsty Scholar’s online presence to help you improve your online presence and, ultimately, the bottom line for your business.

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