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The online marketplace has expanded exponentially since its early days of serving mostly niche and novelty items to a small computer savvy audience. Now, modern consumers bank, schedule medical appointments and even shop for cars online. In order to reach today’s potential customers and clients, you need a digital presence as dynamic as your business. At DeBlasio New Media Marketing we help you achieve exactly that using our proven SEO methods. Our multi-layered approach is designed to win you top placement in searches for valuable phrases and effectively motivate users to convert once they are on your site. Consistently producing tangible results for businesses of all sizes and in diverse industries has helped position us as the go-to SEO company in Providence, Rhode Island.
SEO Company in Providence, Rhode Island
Targeting Key Words and Phrases

Every business is different. We work with you to get to know your operation and develop a custom SEO strategy that reflects your unique needs. This is a welcomed change for those who have worked with an SEO company in Providence, Rhode Island or elsewhere that rely on a one-size-fits-all technique.  By applying in-depth industry research and insights that we’ve gained through over 15 years of first-hand experience, we identify the most viable keywords to focus on. From there, we create pages for your website that organically integrate these targeted phrases. Once ready for the public, pages are sent to major search platforms so they can start ranking in results.

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If your SEO company in Providence, Rhode island is solely focused on increasing visibility alone, they are not doing their job. Our creative team of web design, copywriting and photography professionals crafts aesthetically pleasing and intuitive pages that send the right message to visitors. Calls to action with click-to-call, email and other functions are embedded throughout so that users can conveniently take the next step. Our responsive design ensures your site will look and perform perfectly on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and full-sized computers. Everything on your website is tracked and reported so that you know exactly how we are helping your business grow.

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We needed a solid plan and execution of marketing/advertising/SEO for our medical office and after a bit of research we landed with DeBlasio New Media Marketing. It turned out to be a phenomenal partnership! We are getting improved statistics in website clicks, office calls, and new patients coming in the door. Dave is fantastic at explaining things that would be otherwise over my head, and answers promptly with any questions we have had. I would highly recommend DeBlasio if you want results.



We have used DeBlasio New Media Marketing for SEO and Ad Words campaigns and could not be happier with what they have done for us! A lot of places tell you they will get you first page placement on Google but few deliver. DeBlasio New Media Marketing does. We end up being number one every google search we run. We’ve had competitors ask us “what are you doing because no matter what I google, you guys are number one, what’s your secret?” I almost don’t want to tell people about them because they are just that good, that I don’t want to share!


Marketing Manager at Regional Insurance Agency

DeBlasio New Media Marketing is a great company to work with. Hands on and attentive to all of our needs day in and day out. Innovative thinkers with great ideas on how to target new business for our ever growing metal recycling company. I would highly recommend DeBlasio New Media Marketing to anyone looking to develop a new website and or social media outlets. DeBlasio has helped us to gain better Google listings and placement on different search engines through the use of search engine optimization.


Commercial Sales Manager

DeBlasio New Media Marketing is a pleasure to work with and is extremely professional in his treatment of all matters. I worked with them in creating a website for my legal business and continue to work with him on SEO Search Engine Optimization and updates to my website as well as social media marketing. They are always responsive and considerate in suggesting what they believe is the most efficient as well as cost effective option to maximize my business’ presence on the internet through both the website and through social media marketing. I highly recommend DeBlasio New Media Marketing to anyone in need of website, and/or social media marketing assistance.


Family Law Attorney

Cutting edge knowledge of the modern world with old school customer care. DeBlasio New Media Marketing helped my firm create, maintain and grow our website and web presence. They are part of my team and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a website service company that provides high level product and service.


Condominium Law Attorney

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